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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I shave my chest hair, because...

1.  Develop their self-image as well as self-esteem while they are in public. This can be anywhere from in the intimate corners of the bedroom, to the public beach).

2.  There may be a lot of friction caused as a result of you walking around. I.e. the hair between your chest and your work attire may be a cause of discomfort especially in the hot hazy months. But then it may act for as a woolly layer of warmth during the colder seasons.

3.  For those who believe in body art, chest hair may block off the view of things such as tattoos, body painting and art, rings, and other things of that nature.

4.  Perhaps your skin is becoming pale as a result of being lodged up at work year-round and you want to work on you tan. Removing hair from you chest may be beneficial with coming up with a better and more even tan.

5.  Finally, perhaps your loved ones, children, or anyone else makes a fun habit out of pulling on your chest hairs. Maybe it gets painful after a while and you want to end this game once and for all. Some people shave for this grounds so they can this.